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Inés Viana PhD

Research interests: 
Anthropogenic impacts on marine macrophytes
Postdoctoral research associate (Xunta de Galicia postdoctoral programme)
Resarch topics: 
  1. Anthropogenic and climate change impacts on marine macrophytes.
  2. Coastal eutrophication processes.
  3. Stable isotopes to trace anthropogenic inputs in coastal areas.
  4. Seagrass and macroalgal ecophysiology under nutrient enrichment and in identifying bioindicators of those changes.
  5. Responses of macroalgae to the presence of pollutants and the interaction with other stressors.
  1. Viana IG, Saavedra-Hortúa DA, Mtolera M, Teichberg M. 2019. Different strategies of nitrogen acquisition in two tropical seagrasses from an oligotrophic environment. New Phytol 223(3), 1217-1229
  2. Viana IG, Bode A, Bartholomew M, Valiela I. 2015. Experimental assessment of the macroalgae Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus for monitoring N sources at different time-scales using stable isotope composition. J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 466, 24-33
  3. Viana IG, Bode A. 2015. Variability in δ15N of intertidal brown algae along a salinity gradient: Differential impact of nitrogen sources. Sci Total Environ 512, 167-176
  4. Carballeira C, De Orte MR, Viana IG, Carballeira A. 2012. Implementation of a minimal set of biological tests to assess the ecotoxic effects of effluents from land-based marine fish farms. Ecotox Environ Safe 78, 148-161
  5. Viana IG, Aboal JR, Fernández JA, Real C, Villares R, Carballeira A. 2010. Use of macroalgae stored in an Environmental Specimen Bank for application of some European Framework Directives. Water Res 44, 1713-1724

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