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The research activity is favored by the existence of a modern infrastructure for marine research, fully operational since 2006: the Toralla Marine Station-ECIMAT, belonging to the University of Vigo.

This station’s laboratories and running seawater facilities offer diving infrastructure, research boats, a marina, mesocosm, vehicles and an experimental raft.

The following equipment is available:

Own Equipment:

  • Sea water system (3000 L) to maintain stocks of marine invertebrates: Routine maintenance of adult stocks of echinoderms (Paracentrotus lividus), crustaceans or ascidians (Ciona intestinalis) with the aim of obtaining biological material for embryolarval bioassays.
  • Isothermal rooms for phytoplankton culture with routine cultures Isochrysis galbana, Tetraselmis suecica, Chaetoceros gracilis, Selenastrum capricornutum and other microalgal species used in bioassays.
  • Inverted microscope and image analysis: the use of inverted microscopes, digital camera and image analysis allows direct reading in the vials used for bioassays, avoiding the transfer of biological material.
  • Polarographic Stand 663VA Methrom with Eco Chemie Autolab PGSTAT10 potentiostat and BASi potentiostat CGME with BAS CV-50W for the determination of metals in seawater.
  • Coulter Z2 Particle Size analyzer: Particle Counter for the analysis of phytoplanktongrowth in culture .
  • Oximeter OXI 330i Crison; Salinometer w/ conductivity cell 013010-ATI-Orion; Metrohm 744 pH meter: water quality measurement equipments.
  • Cryopreservation system of CryoLogic CONTROL SYSTEMS Pty. Ltd. for regulating the temperature during the cryopreservation of biological material.
  • Waters HPLC, model Aliance spectrophotometric detectors 2690 diode array (DAD) and fluorescence for the determination of PAH and other organic compounds.

Shared Equipment:

  • Nikon Microscopes: 90i fluorescence microscope, inverted microscope TE2000S, 50i Microscopes, Microscope Inverted Microscope Eclipse TS100 and E200.
  • Olympus CK30 inverted optical microscope.
  • Nikon Magnifying: Magnifying SMZ1500, SMZ1000, SMZ70 and SMZ800.
  • Rooms to incubate isothermal embryolarval bioassays.
  • Tanks for larval rearing of fish, shellfish, etc.
  • Freezer at -20 °C and -80 °C.
  • Stove 80, INDELAB IDL-EI-208.
  • Forno Muffle, Obersal 10 PR/400 PAD.
  • Autoclave Raypa AES110.
  • DirectQ-5, ultrapure water.
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge Hettich Zentrifugen Rotanta 460 R. Centrifuge 20-R OrtoAlresa Digicen.
  • Beckman DU640 spectrophotometer.
  • Freeze Dryer Christ Alpha 1-4.
  • Particle Counter, Beckman Coulter Multisizer 3.
  • Gas flumes.
  • PH meter Crison GLR 21 Oxyguard Handy Polaris Portable Oxymeter, Oxymeter YSI 500, a thermo analytical Radiometer PIONEER 30.
  • Membrane filtration system 0.22 mm, Millipore YT30 142 HW.
  • Distiller Raypa DES 4.
  • Magnetic stirrers, precision balances.

ECIMAT has available all the necessary equipment for scuba diving:.

  • dockerDiving Compressor Charging to 220 atm bottles (model Verticus 5 BAUER), seven complete diving suits, locker rooms, showers.
  • A Zodiac inflatable boat with outboard engine (50 horsepower).
  • A 8 m boat.
  • Professional divers.
  • Access to the sea by a marina.

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