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Whale Bone sampling

Today we have done the first, sand sampling looking for microplastics at Whale Bone Beach at Whale Bone Bay. We (Christelle, Camila, Olivier, Anna Hyde and myself) departed at 07:00 in the morning from Carolina Bay, a former military in Morgans Point.

EOS17 (EPHEMARE Odyssey Survey 2017) KICK OFF

EOS17 (EPHEMARE Odyssey Survey) is the first survey that will be carry out by EPEHEMARE project to asses microplastics in two islands from the Northwest Atlantic and Caribean (Bermuda and Guadaloupe) and collect them for laboratory analyses and ecotoxicological tests to study the efects on the biota (macro invertebrates and fish) on the boat




Calician coast spillages 2015 - 2016


Today, we have have published a new layer with (industrial and sewage)  spillages that we have been registered since  mach 2015 until now on the coast of Galicia.


The data for this layer has been retrieved from on-line media.

Calician coast spillages 2015

Today, it has been published a new layer with (industrial and sewage)  spillages registered during 2015 on the coast of Galicia. Data has been retrieved from reports of the Galician government and the public agency Aguas de Galicia (Plan de Control de Vertidos).

Un visor de la Uvigo señala 73 focos de emisión de aguas residuales a la ría


Article about the condition of the waters of the Ría de Pontevedra coastline, published by Diario de Pontevedra last Sunday (13/03/2016) where Our Cartographic Viewer is mentioned.

Read more at Diario de Pontevedra


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